Monday, October 19, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Being a little shy to begin "trunk or treating"
look at all the minivans in a row!!!

With Hannah, Haylea (the cowboy) and their little sister Lauren. They love westerns!

all the multiples that came in costume.

Batman, Snow White and a brave knight on the beach.
having a snack

Xander in his batman costume.

Grace as Snow White (she also told Will that he could
come to her castle to fight the bad guys, but she would help him.)

Sir William, the bravest knight

Our trunk, a beach theme.
We were lucky and had great weather on Sunday for trunk or treat. If you've never heard of trunk or treat, everyone decorates their trunk and parks in a row in a parking lot. Then, the parking lot is blocked off from traffic and the kids can walk around and trick or treat to each trunk. The multiples club hosted this on Sunday at our church. It was great. There were about 15 families there, and it was so fun to see all the costumes and trunk decorations. The kids got lots of candy, had some snacks and played with their friends. We think they had a good time in spite of not feeling all that great. We are staying home today and probably tomorrow, as they are all 3 running fevers, coughing and sneezing this morning. It's not pleasant here, but at least we got to trunk or treat (we missed it last year!).

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